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Welcome to Weber Elementary, home of Splash the Dolphin!

Irving B. Weber Elementary school has a strong sense of community, creativity, and culture - just like our namesake! At Weber, you will find one of the most dedicated, caring and supportive school teams that is committed to the academic success of each and every student. We strive to have highly effective teachers in all classrooms that are student centered and provide a school culture and climate that is rooted in kindness, responsibility and safety.

Weber Elementary engages in inclusive practices that support equitable outcomes for all of our students and families. Our belief in leading with love and compassion is the driving force behind our goal to create a sense of belonging for all students, families and community members from the moment you enter our doors. 

At Weber Elementary we are a school that not only encourages our dolphins to dream big dreams, but we help cultivate their dreams through engaging and effective instruction. We are looking forward to an awesome school year where we will build those dolphin dreams together.

Amber Daubs, Principal

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About Weber Elementary

Irving B. Weber Elementary School opened in the Fall of 1994 and is located at 3850 Rohret Road in Iowa City. Weber Elementary has over 550 student grades K-6. Our size makes us unique and allows us to work in collaborative teams to meet the learning needs of all of our students.We have highly talented and dedicated teachers that take great pride in working with our students and families. Weber's students and staff combine to make a culturally diverse learning community. Our students are creative, curious, kind, and absolutely amazing! Weber's students and staff combine to make a culturally diverse learning community. We believe there's a place for everyone at Weber Elementary.

Irving B. Weber

December 19, 1900 - March 16, 1997 

Weber Elementary is named for Irving B. Weber, Iowa City's official historian and a long-time contributor to the Iowa City Press-Citizen newspaper. A man with an unassuming manner, an inquiring mind, and unwavering courtesy, Irving Weber has left his mark on the community, business, athletics, and this elementary school. 

Irving B. Weber was a role model, mentor, grandfather figure, and friend for the staff and children at Weber School during the first three years of the school. He joined the staff as we opened the school in 1994 and played a central role in the dedication and in all other key events over the next three years. His frequent visits to Weber always caused a flurry of excitement and joy. With his unassuming manner, inquiring mind, and unwavering courtesy, Irving Weber left his mark on our lives - our children, our parents and our staff. 

Mr. Weber contributed more than 850 articles on the city for the Press-Citizen. Proceeds from several of his books (which featured collections of his articles) went to the Lions Club's sight conservation fund. His eighth book, published in August 1994, featured Iowa City schools and Irving B. Weber Elementary. 

Active in the Lions Club, Weber earned the Iowa Lions Club International President's Award in 1990. The son of a blacksmith and the first female president of the city's school board, Weber was also the University of Iowa's first All-American swimmer. Ringing the bell to start swim meets, he is a tradition at his alma mater. Weber Elementary's dolphin mascot was chosen by students, parents, and the community not only for the admirable traits of the dolphin, but also because of Mr. Weber's association with the Dolphin Swimming Fraternity. 

Weber helped found Quality Chek'd Dairy Association and served as association president for many years. He served as school board president from 1952-53. His honors have included the University of Iowa's Distinguished Alumni Award and lifetime achievement awards from the Iowa Farm Bureau, Iowa City Historical Preservation Commission, Iowa City Area Chamber of Commerce, Rotary Club, and Daughters of the American Revolution. In 1996, he carried the Olympic Torch when it passed through Iowa City. 

Honored to be the school's namesake, Irving Weber told reporters, "I'm the first ordinary citizen to be so named and I'm greatly impressed to be able to follow in the footsteps of three presidents, two governors and several renowned educators" for whom other Iowa City schools were named. 

Regarding his remarkable memory, Mr. Weber was often heard to say, "I'm just an old hometown boy who happens to have a good memory." 

Parent and Student Memories of Irving B. Weber include:

"He was wise beyond his years and he had a lot of years."
"He loved to ring his bell."
"He was a great role model for Weber School."
"His favorite jacket was pink."
"He was very generous with his time because he took a lot of time to write all of those books and speak to people, which he loved doing."


Weber Elementary